Frequently Asked Questions

To participate online, click here to register.

Registration is important if you want to take full advantage of the convenience provided by the organizers of the Forum participants. Click here to register now!

If you plan to attend in person or participate online, the information you provide during registration enable the organizer plan for your convenience. Please provide full and accurate information where required.

The Forum will be hosted in English and French. All Forum materials and publications will also be in English and French.

In the registration form, provision has been made for those who want to be picked up at the airport to supply their flight information. Please fill the form accurately. All registered participants needing pick-up will be picked-up at the airport.

These are small, planned segments of the Forum that will allow participants to constructively engage with others. The sessions are less structured than the general sessions and will allow attendees to participate in the discussions rather than being spectators. Both in-person and registered virtual attendees will take part in the proceedings.

Join the thematic breakout sessions online, click here to register and indicate the thematic breakout session you will like to attend.